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•       Moogonutrition was founded in October 2013 in Lingang New City ,Shanghai. But formally started operation in Oct 2015. The company co-operate by several dairy additives sales elite, Chinese and foreign ruminant nutrition Ph.D. and industry experts.

•       Main Products are dairy feed additives for exclusive import: Trace elements, Rumen-pass Niacin, Silage additive, Plant extracts. All products are derived from internationally renowned dairy specialized companies , all products are“A-List” international brand with high quality. At the same time, our independent brand premix is also being steadily promoted,some of the company's products, such as Enmammary and some other products, use American cold extraction patented technology (patent number US PATENT #5997877).

•       We service all customers with the mode of product + technology. We establish a partnership with large and medium-sized pastures and feed mill.

Our Promise and core value: Integrity, profession, innovation, win-win .